2016 Honda CB1000R

The 2016 Honda CB1000R is naked street bike which is perfect explanation of this segment. It all started with CB750, but new motorbike is not just successor. This tradition is almost 50 years old and it never fails to excite. From CB750 many classes were born not only superbikes. As one of the most interesting successor, there is CB1000R urban warrior with excellent performance. Riding this motorcycle is never boring.

2016 Honda CB1000R front view

2016 Honda CB1000R design

Design of the 2016 Honda CB1000R is interesting by itself. It is based on new generation of Honda Hornet. Nevertheless there are some changes to make it even better. Some fans are called it fighter jet on two wheels. It doesn’t come by chance but because of its modern design. At first sight we can see 4-spoke wheels, engine, cowl fairings and side radiators. It is like bodybuilder showing its muscles. New CB1000R is also equipped with LED lights on the both ends. Nevertheless there are some modern features on the dashboard. Digital instrument panel is improved. Dashboard gives a lot of information including fuel gauge, temperature, odometer, clock, speed meter and average fuel consumption.

2016 Honda CB1000R riding

Power source of the 2016 Honda CB1000R is a 998 cc four-cylinder unit with liquid cooling. Engine is paired with 6-speed transmission box. Its architecture and setup provide great handling and cornering so it is easy to get used to this machine. Also it gives excellent control, so riders like to push the gas on the new CB1000R. Overall weight of just 485 lbs is one of the reasons for superb riding impression. Comparing to previous model new bike has less power, but company decided to do so because of ride in urban areas. This setup is more appropriate for conditions with heavier traffic. Estimated fuel economy is around 37 mpg. It could be slightly better but it depends on maintenance, riding type, weather and road conditions, and many slight details.

2016 Honda CB1000R side view

2016 Honda CB1000R price

MSRP of the 2016 Honda CB1000R is around $12,000 with shipping. With some additions new bike can be slightly more expensive but it is up to drivers how they want to tune the look of their Honda CB1000R.

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