2016 Honda CB500F

Sport bikes are very popular in recent years. So it is with Honda CB500F. However, this model made revolution in its class. It arrives now as 2016 Honda CB500F with many upgrades. First of all, it is twin-cylinder bike. Furthermore, 500 cc is perfect choice for experienced riders which are not looking for powerful machines. Bodywork is exceptional, as most of Honda’s bikes. Then, fuel economy, price and all other parts are at top level. Finally, company refreshed the dashboard with new LCD display.

2016 Honda CB500F

2016 Honda CB500F drivetrain

Power supply of the 2016 Honda CB500F is a 471 cc engine. Japanese company is using liquid-cooled parallel-twin units. Also, most of their bikes offer programmed fuel injection. New CB500F is not different. That is why buyers like it so much. A PGM-FI provides secure start, even in cold weather conditions. It controls elements and makes the best fuel mixture. Furthermore, performance is boosted with new Pro-Link rear suspension. With nine-stage preload and 4.7-inch traveling, it absorbs even bigger bumps. Not only performance, but also comfort is improved. At the end, we have new exhaust system for better note for all true fans of bikes.

2016 Honda CB500F side view

2016 Honda CB500F redesign

If we want to start analysis of the 2016 Honda CB500F, we can’t decide what could be biggest highlight. Is it unique styling with new tuning? Clean and attractive bike can turn attention to itself at first sight. This is possible thanks to steel-tube frame. The diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe is also making impact to handling. For 2016 CB500F it has positive effects. Cornering and handling are better than ever. Basic is there, and designers did not save on features. First of all, there is new instrumental panel. A LCD screen shows digital speedometer, clock, fuel consumption meters, tachometer, etc. Headlights are equipped with LED lamps. Visibility is better than on its predecessors. Comfort is improved with new rear grips with firm handhold. There are also tie-down points for small cargo.

2016 Honda CB500F price

Starting price of the 2016 Honda CB500F is $6,000. However, with significant improvements and equipment, it could be significantly higher.

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