2016 Honda CBR500R

First impressions about 2016 Honda CBR500R are great. New motorbike received a lot of positive critics for its styling and performance. As well, changes were accepted with approval. It is not surprise, since CBR500R is versatile motorbike. It is used for commuting, as a sport bike, or all-around machine. Nevertheless, it can go over tougher terrains, since its driving system is exceptional. There are many other advantages of this bike, while lacks are minor. Overall, this product is one of the best Honda launched this season.

2016 Honda CBR500R front view

2016 Honda CBR500R performance

Power source of the 2016 Honda CBR500R, is a 471 cc liquid-cooled engine. Enough power is coming from this unit. Also, it is delivered smoothly, which increases overall driving impression. There are also many systems that boosts handling, cornering and controlling new CBR500R. First of all, excellent suspensions are upgraded. Experiment with spring preload adjustment was successful. Predecessors had preload only on shocks. More positive impressions come from transmission. It is slicker and smoother than before.  With it, low and mid-range toque are impressive.

2016 Honda CBR500R side view

2016 Honda CBR500R redesign

Except smooth ride, the 2016 Honda CBR500R can be proud of its styling. Look is improved with angular plastic and contemporary muffler. New motorcycle is modern and stylish, but also elegant and comfortable. One of the parts separated as excellent is two-piece. Main purpose of the CBR500R could be sport bike. However, with these seats, rider and passenger can be on long trips without problems. Also, another styling feature worth of mention is aggressive LED headlight. Furthermore, some details are noted from buyers. There are blue anodized preload-adjuster caps and other black and blue accents. Red variant is also good-looking. There is  also plain black bike, without too many graphics.

2016 Honda CBR500R rear view

2016 Honda CBR500R price

This versatile motorcycle is available from $6,500. However, versions with more equipment cost more. For example, buyers can take wheel stickers, to boost appearance for $30. Also, seat cowls are available for $150. ABS version costs $300 more than base model. Fully equipped, 2016 Honda CBR500R can cost close to $7,500.

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