2016 Honda CRF110F

Perfect choice for all new and young dirt riders will be 2016 Honda CRF110F. This bike is entry-level models, and it is perfect platform for learning. It doesn’t offer big numbers on the performance end. However, handling, riding quality and comfort are exceptional. Nevertheless, Japanese company integrated some of the latest functions and systems. So, CRF110F is modern bike, ready for adventure. Next highlight is its price. Parents can provide this reliable bike, which doesn’t need to visit mechanics so often. Finally, there is growing competition. If Honda wants to maintain its reputation, rivals must see serious approach.

2016 Honda CRF110F side view

2016 Honda CRF110F redesign

When you take a first look at 2016 Honda CRF110F, low seating position is obvious. With just 26-inches of distance from ground, it is perfect for short riders. Also, controlling is improved. Although visibility is not great with low seat, this bike can’t reach high speed. So, situation is under control even from these 26-inches. As its relatives, 2016 CRF110F uses a lot of plastic parts. Nevertheless, this bike is very durable and long-lasting. It has strength for many challenges. Comparing to predecessor, there are no big changes. Also, it comes in standard red-white combination of colors.

2016 Honda CRF110F rear view

2016 Honda CRF110F powertrain

Displacement of the 2016 Honda CRF110F is a 109 cc unit. This four-stroke engine is air-cooled. Further, single-cylinder powertrain can reach around 55 mph. It uses 4-speed transmission system for the best fuel economy rating. However, mileage depends on many factors. Some of them are terrain, weather conditions and maintenance. Bike can take 1.1 gallons of fuel in its tank. Low consumption provides long trips even with this tiny supplies.

2016 Honda CRF110F

2016 Honda CRF110F price and competition

Price of the 2016 Honda CRF110F is $2,100. This is another advantages and budget saver. If you add superb fuel-economy, then bike is excellent choice for everyone. Main competitors of CRF110F are coming from Japanese manufacturers. There is 2016 Kawasaki KLX 110, that costs $200 more. Its upgraded version, 2016 Kawasaki KLX 110L is even more expensive. Also, there is 2016 Yamaha TT-R110E, which is slightly more expensive, But, on the other hand, specifications of Honda’s bike are much better.

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