2016 Honda CRF230F

When we talk about 2016 Honda CRF230F, we must mention this is one of the most popular dirt bikes for beginners. Nevertheless, not only new users give excellent critics. Some young riders who experienced these kinds of motorcycles are also excited. Its smaller engine lacks power. On the other hand, everything else is tuned well, from driving system, to comfort and styling. Finally, there are bigger siblings if any rider needs more power for its adrenaline. Highlight of this model is handling. However, suspension was tuned also, as well as some exterior parts. We can say this is perfect choice for beginners.

2016 Honda CRF230F front view

2016 Honda CRF230F engine

Power for the motorcycle comes from 4-stroke 223 cc drivetrain with 2 valves and air cooling. Single cylinder SOHC engine is under-square, because of the bore of 2.58 inches and stroke of 2.61 in. If bike had larger bore, engine would be more powerful. However, there are some other features to make 2016 Honda CRF230F more attractive. First of all, there is electronic ignition. Starting the bike and superb throttle response are guaranteed with it. Furthermore, suspension on front fork is 37 mm wide on diameter. Rear one uses monoshock system. Both brakes are light, and rear one uses drums. On the front, there is powerful 240 mm disc.

2016 Honda CRF230F

2016 Honda CRF230F styling

There are a lot of notable features on the 2016 Honda CRF230F. First off all, we can see wheels. Front one is 21-incher with width of 3.15 in. On the rear end, there is smaller, 18-inch wheel, with 4.33 in wide. Then, overall weight is 249 pounds. This is very important because of the fuel economy. Nevertheless, new CRF230F uses lighter materials for body parts. However, that doesn’t mean aluminum and carbon-fiber loose on quality. Maintenance and mechanical visits are cut to minimum. Basic color is “Extreme Red”. Unfortunately, other paintjobs are not available.

2016 Honda CRF230F ride

2016 Honda CRF230F price

Base models of the 2016 Honda CRF230F cost $4,200. Sadly, there is no much room for tuning and upgrading this model. Honda didn’t offer accessories and boosts for new CRF230F.

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