2016 Honda CRF250R

Honda made some improvements on the new CRF250R for 2016 season. However, nothing radical we can see on it. Slight modifications are cool, but diving impression is similar to previous edition. Suspension and engine are boosted. Overall opinion from users is that 2016 Honda CRF250R is not so supreme over competition. Few years ago, situation was clear. Honda machines were on top. However, now buyers could be satisfied with models from other companies, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and especially KTM.

2016 Honda CRF250R front view

2016 Honda CRF250R changes

The most notable changes on the 2016 Honda CRF250R comparing to predecessor is power. This especially is the case for top-end. Previous bike had nice delivery in low and mid range, but top was flat. Now, 2016 CRF250R can do it too. Although it is durable motorcycle, there are more buyers looking for the power. This could be the main reason of decreased sales. We won’t see new engine. But, parts were tuned. This includes piston, rod, valves and lifts. Top end power was increased and power is supplied.

2016 Honda CRF250R side view

2016 Honda CRF250R engine

Power of the 2016 Honda CRF250R comes from 249 cc engine. It uses liquid for cooling. This single-cylinder four-stroke engine has compression ratio of 13.5:1. Further, bore and stroke are set to 76.8 mm x 53.8 mm. Unicam four-valve is used as train, with 30.5 mm intake and 25 mm exhaust. Dual-Timing Programmed Fuel Injection boosts overall performance. Engine sends power through close-ratio five-speed transmission box. Ignition has electronic advance.

2016 Honda CRF250R

2016 Honda CRF250R driving impression

Comparing to predecessors, this year model is faster. Impression is very strong, because power is felt at high speeds. Nevertheless, 2016 Honda CRF250R is quicker. It is stronger out of corners. Delivery is especially powerful in the low-to-mid transition. However, impression and feeling is not the same on top, although improvement is obvious. Overall weight of 224 lbs boosts the handling. However, there are 3 additional pounds to standard weight of 250-class bikes.

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