2016 Honda CRF50F

If you ride a dirt bike for the first time in your life, Honda has a special model for it. Some call it best entry dirt motorcycle in the world. However, it comes as 2016 Honda CRF50F. There is no doubt tiny machine can’t do a lot of things, but excitement for youngest users is guaranteed. Small engine, wheels and other parts can seem not big enough. Nevertheless, bike is made for kids, so it is big enough for them. Also, it is very safe and comfortable. Additionally, price is affordable, so it is an excellent choice for family budgets.

2016 Honda CRF50F front view

2016 Honda CRF50F engine

Heart of the 2016 Honda CRF50F is a 49 cc air-cooled SOHC engine with four strokes and single cylinder. There are also two valves. Although it is smell, it can meet requirements for off-road ride. What makes it easy to ride is 3-speed automatic clutch gearbox. This is excellent choice for beginners. Furthermore, 2016 CRF50F carries 0.7-gallon fuel tank. Petrol is going through 13 mm piston carburetor for smoother ride. Another important part is adjustable throttle limiter. With it, you can decrease and increase power according to skill level of a rider.

2016 Honda CRF50F

2016 Honda CRF50F styling

Comparing to predecessors, 2016 Honda CRF50F remains pretty much the same. It is small bike, and everything on it seems tiny. Wheelbase is 36 inches long and seating position is at 21.6 inches. There is 6 in of ground clearance. Overall weight with all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel is 110 lbs. Nevertheless, steel frame is durable, and it provides smooth ride over bumps. Also, maintenance is very rare.

2016 Honda CRF50F

2016 Honda CRF50F price

This bike is made for beginners. Honda recommends a course before training. Also, rookies should read manual before they jump into saddle. For $1,400, buyers also get warranty of six months. However, it could be extended with Honda Protection Plan.

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