2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

This year is somehow owned by ATV and UTV vehicles. After few quiet years, leader in these segments, Honda, woke up and updated almost their entire lineup. These vehicles were launched for 2016 season, and among many other side-by-side models, there is 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon. Mid-size ATV is updated and refreshed. Changes are numerous, from design tweaks, to engine and many other parts. Updates are coming in price list, with base Foreman Rubicon costs from $7800, and upper trim with automatic transmission $8500.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon drivetrain

The 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon is new ATV, with many modern features, especially in engine room. First of all, it is equipped with 475 cc four-stroke drivetrain with fuel-injection. Better fuel economy and throttle response comes with programmed fuel injection (PFI). There is also EPS program which could be added to the machine, and it raises value for few hundred of dollars. Fuel injection provides excellent start, even in cold conditions, and EPS program boosts fuel economy for 12 percent. However, this working vehicle is primary made to tow, and its capacity is over 1300 pounds. For tough terrains, there is Low gear mode so new Foreman Rubicon can pull harder.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon design

When you jump in the seat of 2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon, first thing you are going to notice is thicker seat, with complete fender coverage. Excellent feature keeps driver clean in all situations. Grip of the flooring is spacious, as well as peg, but there could be more room on the rear floorboards. For towing, new ATV has two racks, both on front and rear end, where cargo could be loaded. Even fully used, 2016 Foreman Rubicon remains stabile with few more tie-down points for securing the load.

2016 Honda Foreman Rubicon rear view

Vehicle is also getting new suspension, with 8.5-inch of travel. Suspension stroke is boosted with A-arms and aluminum knuckle attached to it. Ground clearance of the ATV is 9.4 inches, which means new Rubicon can solve any obstacle in tough terrains.

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