2016 Honda Forza

New version of the 2016 Honda Forza is ready to make immediate impact in the class. Mid-range scooter segment is very popular. However, to be a leader, you must provide many things to your customers. Safety, durability, reliability and quality, must be valued for acceptable price. This motorbike is known for its comfort both for rider and passenger. Furthermore, Forza is practical bike with powerful engine. Handling is exceptional, both on highway or urban area. Finally, Honda’s product is modern motorcycle, and even more than just commuting machine.

2016 Honda Forza

2016 Honda Forza engine

Riding quality on the new Forza is improved with ABS and PGM-FI systems. Power source is 279 cc single-cylinder four-stroke drivetrain. Liquid cooling is much better solution than air. Power and fuel economy are guaranteed. There is 3-gallon fuel tank, which is enough for over 200 miles of range. The 2016 Honda Forza can make almost 75 mpg with quality maintenance. Other conditions depends on weather, road, age. Engine is paired with continuously variable transmission. Smooth shifting gives its boost to comfortable ride. Handling is improved because of the lower center of gravity. Engine is placed very low. Furthermore, this bike also offers electric starter and anti-blocking braking system as optional feature.

2016 Honda Forza

2016 Honda Forza redesign

Highlight of the 2016 Honda Forza is its comfort. Finally main reasons of this are its smooth ride and good suspension. Of course, there is large seat positioned perfectly for excellent view from both levels. Storage is spacious and there is room for enough cargo. For example, two helmets and even more stuff could be placed. Only Pearl Red paintjob is available for new Forza. Bike is using 120/70-14-inch as front tire, and rear tire 140/70-13 inches. Overall wheelbase length is 61 inch, and seat is at 28 inch. Curb weight, with all equipment, fluids and petrol, is 422 pounds.

2016 Honda Forza price

Finally, there are two versions of 2016 Honda Forza. Base model costs $5,600. For additional safety and smoother ride, Japanese carmaker prepared bike with ABS system. However, this machine is valued more. Everyone who wants this version must pay $6,100 total.

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