2016 Honda Metropolitan

Honda products are not just about power and aggressive design. There is a lot more beyond this, and Japanese company confirms it with new scooter. The 2016 Honda Metropolitan can bring same amount of excitement, as other models form different classes. For this machine, Honda updated its look. It is fresh and modern. Furthermore, engine is revisited. With liquid cooling and four-stroke system, it is very compatible. There are also many other features that improves overall rating of Metropolitan. Among others, price could be one of breaking points while deciding which scooter to pick.

2016 Honda Metropolitan

2016 Honda Metropolitan redesign

The 2016 Honda Metropolitan is a successor of the Giorno scooter. Although latest models of this machine was launched back in 2013, it seems to take part in new bike. Nevertheless, Giorno is very popular, and company expects even more US riders for Metropolitan. Various names are available across the world, but the functionality and quality are the same. New, 2016 year model brings some changes. Frame and styling are different. Instrument panel features new gauges. Then, body panels and fenders are replaced. Under the seat is bigger storage area, and new look is completed with handlebars and front forks. Comparing to predecessor, rims are smaller, as well as front fender.

2016 Honda Metropolitan side view

2016 Honda Metropolitan engine

Second generation of scooter is using liquid-cooling engine. This is a big change to previous edition. However, performance is upgraded. This is good for company, because this motorbike is becoming more versatile than before. Drivetrain is 49 cc single-cylinder, four-stroke unit with programmed fuel injection system. Although scooter is having incredible fuel economy of 117 mpg, its fuel capacity is just 1.2 gallons. That means range of the 2016 Honda Metropolitan is around 140 miles. There are many requirements for this number, including maintenance and weather conditions. New Metropolitan is using Automatic V-Matic transmission.

2016 Honda Metropolitan rear view

2016 Honda Metropolitan price

Base price of the 2016 Honda Metropolitan is $2,400. This vehicle comes in red color scheme by default. Rear carrier or trunk increase value of the purchase. Also, there are few other features that makes new bike more expensive. However, overall impression is that is worth of investment.

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