2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR

Cooperation between Japanese manufacturer Honda and Montesa Cota championship team produced two interesting bikes. Motorcycles that will carry both names are 300RR and 4RT260. First one is more exciting, mainly because it is bigger. Larger engine produces more power. However, many parts between two of these are shared, but 2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR is giving extra pleasure while riding. Suspension is differently tuned. Also, brakes are giving more stopping power. Nevertheless, new 300RR will be limited-edition trial bike. Indoor or outdoor, Montesa Cota team believes they will dominate the stage with new product.

2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR

2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR engine

Drivetrain of the 2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR is a liquid-cooled 288 cc unit. It is single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with PGM-Fi system. Further, bike gets enhanced ignition mapping for better control and performance. This ECU 4-valve motorcycle features SHOWA shocks and Tech suspension fork. Because of the aluminum tubes, bike is lighter, with curb weight of 158 pounds. It is less than 4RT260 model. Programmed Fuel Injection betters fuel flow. Also, it reduces engine braking and easies control. Rear suspension is adjustable 39 mm fork and R16V shock. This Pro-link suspension uses aluminum parts for better stability and traction.

2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR

2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR redesign

Limited-edition 2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR is coming only in red color. No other option is planned. Seat is removable, and very comfortable, according to first impressions. Under the seat, there is handy storage. All Montesa Cota bikes are using 32-spoke wheels. For 300RR model, front one is 21 inch, and the rear is 18 inch wide. These are carrying monoblock front-brake caliper with 4 pistons. Central-adjustment spokes are new system, used on the rear wheel. Motorcycle is using Michelin X11 tires with aluminum rims. Price of the 2016 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR is $10,000, which is significantly higher than it is for 4RT260. Nevertheless, first one uses more systems and larger engine, so this difference is expected.

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