2016 Honda PCX150

Scooters are excellent choice for everyday commuting. However, these machines are useful for longer trips and short distance travel. One of the favorite models is PCX150 from Honda. For 2016 year edition, designers worked on larger fuel tank and sportier look. Nevertheless, overall impression is that bike is more comfortable than it looks. Also, it is easy to use, with simple commands and excellent handling. New 2016 Honda PCX150 is assembled again in Thailand. However, buyers all over the world will have a chance to get a copy.

2016 Honda PCX150

2016 Honda PCX150 redesign

Japanese manufacturer worked on many parts to make 2016 Honda PCX150 more attractive. New body panels are making it sportier. Furthermore, its classic scooter look is still present. Then, LED lights are installed for better visibility. Passenger seat is more interesting than rider’s. It is new, and positioned higher than before. Under seats we can find waterproof storage area. Moreover, new PCX150 offers 12V adaptor. Another highlight is bigger fuel tank. Instead of 1.5-gallon tank, bike can take 2.1 gallons. Difference is in about 50 miles of range. With low position of tank, gravity is also low, which boosts handling impression.

2016 Honda PCX150

2016 Honda PCX150 engine

Previous editions of motorcycle used 125 cc mill and smaller fuel tank. Now, since last year, scooter is getting power from 153 cc engine. Liquid cooling provides better temperature usage. Additions to new machine are ACG starter, automatic enrichener and programmed fuel-injection system. Larger engine can make more power for around 13 percent. Also, riders noticed that 2016 Honda PCX150 is quieter at lower rpm. In addition, riding is more relaxed, almost as on cruisers. Fuel economy is getting improvement. Thanks to V-matic transmission and friction-reduction efforts, bike can make almost 100 mpg. With full fuel tank, bike can make over 200 miles without refueling.

2016 Honda PCX150 side view

2016 Honda PCX150 price and competition

Main competitors of the 2016 Honda PCX150 are Yamaha Smax and Lance PCH150. Price of the Honda’s product is $3,500, which is slightly less than for Yamaha, but much more than Lance’s bike costs. However, we believe that more benefits are coming from Honda’s motorcycle and price difference is worth.

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