2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5

New Honda UTV, Pioneer, offers a lot of excitement with their new lineup. From entry level Pioneer 500, to higher trim models 700 and 1000, drivers and passengers can find most things they imagined for this kind of vehicles. Nevertheless, current lineup holds another one, 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5, which is stunning model. It has all that one UTV needs, and it is multi-purpose vehicle. Design, towing, performance, everything is better than its siblings can offer. Pricing wasn’t announced yet, but we are sure it is going to be valued higher than its parent, Pioneer 1000, which costs around $14,000.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 engine

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 is using the same powertrain as its base vehicle Pioneer 1000. IT is 999 cc drivetrain with six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Among other features that boost performance of the UTV, there are self-leveling suspension and electronic power steering. Ride is more comfortable with it, and also equipment such as QuickFlip rear seating and turf mode drive, which is unique in UTV segment so far. Engine is liquid cooled, which is much better than air-cooling system. This OHC Unicam four‐stroke powerplant makes Pioneer 1000-5 largest UTV until this day. However, with rubber mounted exhaust system, vehicle is quiet, and the vibration is reduced.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 rear

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 features

Some of the features on the list of new UTV are really stunning. This type of vehicle has LCD multifunction display with big screen. There, driver can control gear, clock, fuel, and much other information about 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5. On the back side, there are two storage areas with weatherproof glove box. Nevertheless, beside standard offer, Honda has additional packages for this UTV. There are around 70 accessories which can be additionally purchased, and some of these are wheels, color of body panels, windshield, few types of tops, winches, accessories for towing and many more.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 front view

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 driving modes

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 offers three possibilities of driving modes. There are two automatic, and one manual. Automatic drive mode senses the style of drivers habits, and it can hold gears longer for sportier driving. Nevertheless, driver can shift gear earlier if he wants. Sport mode brings more powerful ride, in the opposite to quiet and relaxed in Standard Mode.

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