2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4

This year’s Honda UTV lineup is consisted of three vehicles. Under the Pioneer nameplate, company introduced entry-level 500 model, mid-range 700 and top of the class 1000. Nevertheless, for these users looking for more, there are two additional, upgraded models, 1000-5 and 700-4. Other is very interesting because it is rich with details and features, but still affordable and performs well. This unit could even spoil the party of its big brother, 1000 and 1000-5, by being more wanted than these. But, 2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 has a lot of job to make to maintain its position.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 engine

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is using the same powertrain as its base sibling, model 700. It is the same 675 cc engine with single-cylinder system. As other Pioneer UTVs, this one is also equipped with liquid cooling, rather than air-cooling and it brings maximum performance from 700-4 model. Rubber mounted exhaust system and motor, are making vehicle quiet and vibration is reduced significantly. Air intakes are improved for better ingestion, and engine is paired with the 2-speed automatic transmission. It sends power either to two or all four wheels.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 side view

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 equipment

As its big brother, 1000-5, the 2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is also equipped with Quick Flip system for convertible rear-seating. With it, UTV can be easily set up to take 2, 3 or 4 persons. Without seats, there is 2-seater configuration, with bed ready to take maximum payload. Comparing to regular 700 model, instead of Olive color, there is Metallic blue, while Phantom camo and red are standard for both UTVs. New Pioneer 700-4 carries 12-inch wheels with hydraulic discs for braking on both sides. Wheelbase keeps its length as for regular model, and fuel capacity is 8.2 gallons. Standard equipment on this vehicle are halogen headlights. Company offers 12 month warranty on this model priced from $12,000.

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