2016 Honda Pioneer 700

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 is going to offer what its buyers expect the most, and it is versatility. This UTV is already called the best ever side-by-side vehicle. There is room for driver and three passengers, two of them in cargo bed. Off-road skills are impressive, and this is making ride more enjoyable. There are also many more pros to this statement, including great engine, mileage and comfort.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 drivetrain

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 is powered from 675 cc single-cylinder drivetrain. For maximum performance, there is liquid-cooling system, which is much better than air-cooling. Furthermore, there is different air-intake system, which minimize dust and ingestion. Vibration is also eliminated with rubber mounted on subframe. Liquid-cooled 675 cc engine is mated to automatic transmission with two shifts. It is smart and tough torque converter, which looks like it was made for car.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 side view

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 driving impression

New Pioneer 700 is maneuverable, with tight turning radius. This is very important in tough and tight terrains. Heavy-duty transmission is also adding some more joy for ride, and with powerful engine, which starts easy because of the fuel injection, makes perfect combination. Disc brakes are changed, and UTV features triple brakes. Debris is prevented by scraper system positioned between caliper and rim. Weight is additionally saved by inboard-mounted rear 170mm brake disc. Independent double-wishbone front suspension provides 7.9 inches of travel.

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 rear view

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 features

The 2016 Honda Pioneer 700 is made to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 passengers. If there are only driver and one traveler, bed is free for around 1000 lbs of cargo. That is a versatility, which makes Pioneer 700 better than others. For improved comfort and impression, Honda used genuine accessories, which also made this UTV unique. There is also durability and reliability provided from this vehicle with wide range of help systems, including no mileage limitation coverage, no deductible feature which is there for repairs covered by HondaCare, and transferable features to next owner without extra cost. Honda Protection Plan is also there to cover many more things, including mechanical failures.

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