2016 Honda TRX250X

Sport ATV and one of the most popular vehicle of this segment is coming as 2016 Honda TRX250X. Return of the ATV woke up all riders looking for a fun. This lightweight model is perfect for recreation and amateurs, which rides this kind of vehicles for the first time, or they are not experienced. Recommendations are that new TRX250X is for ages from 16, who previously had experience with smaller, 90 cc ATVs. Another advantage of this vehicle is its price, since even younger people can save up and buy it.

2016 Honda TRX250X

2016 Honda TRX250X specs

Durability has always been highlight of this vehicle. Ever since it was released, back in 2001, main positive critics has referred to its engine and reliability. Nevertheless, winning combination hasn’t changed too much for ages, and 2016 Honda TRX250X is coming very similar to its predecessors. That means this ATV will be built again on Recon 250, two-wheel-drive. However, modifications were made on weight and reduction of vibrations, and also new technologies were implemented.

2016 Honda TRX250X side view

New, 2016 year model is getting 10-inch front and 9-inch rear Maxxis tires. Two color options are available for TRX250X. First is black and white, while other one, red and white is more popular. Graphics kit is enhanced, and design is improved with color-matching wheel hubs and shocks springs.

2016 Honda TRX250X engine

Power for the 2016 Honda TRX250X is coming from 229 cc air cooled four stroke engine. It has two valves and pushrod, and is fed by 20 mm carburetor. This entry-level ATV is excellent choice for rookies. Mentioned drivetrain is mater to a 5-speed gearbox. Automatic shifting allows driver to enjoy in ride, while in safe areas, it can be shifted for better acceleration. Honda turned engine longitudinally, for 90 degrees, which brought better power transfer and reduced power loss. Vibration is cancelled a lot comparing to some older TRX250X models, but it can be still felt at low RPM rates. Exhaust provides sporty tone, but still quiet enough, so it doesn’t disturb persons nearby.

2016 Honda TRX250X rear view

2016 Honda TRX250X price

This ATV is available from $4,700 for base models. Higher trim, SE model is priced $200 more for features that are installed additionally. Some other details and additions can make 2016 Honda TRX250X even more expensive.

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