2016 Honda TRX450R

Legendary racing ATV which is also part of the refreshed 2016 season is TRX450R. This machine is offering great performance and could be easily one of the best selling in the class. Based on the Baja models, this ATV makes a superb mix of comfort, excitement, performance and handling. On the other hand, it is long-lasting because of the high quality materials used in building it. It is important because this vehicle’s purpose is riding in dirt, wet, dusty, and all other complicated and tough conditions, over bumpy roads and off them. Nevertheless, company offers warranty if anything happens to 2016 Honda TRX450R.

2016 Honda TRX450R

2016 Honda TRX450R engine

We already said that 2016 Honda TRX450R is reliable vehicle with excellent performance. This is possible thanks to engine, which is liquid-cooled 450 cc unit. This single-cylinder, four-stroke engine uses liquid, and not air for cooling, as other models in TRX lineup do. Additional features optimize performance, but still keep fuel economy in excellent numbers. Some of them, which also boost specifications of new TRX450R are flat slide carburetor and twin-sump lubrication. Smoother transmission and light throttle effort are provided from these two. Nevertheless, 5-speed gearbox is updated, and vehicle now has electric starter. Fuel capacity of the ATV is 2.7 gallons.

2016 Honda TRX450R side view

2016 Honda TRX450R features

As this ATV is somehow based on Baja nameplate, these vehicles are sharing some details and equipment. Design of the 2016 Honda TRX450R is subservient for excitement during ride. Styling is similar as before, but some features are making it fresh and attractive. New suspension is clearly part of it, and new shocks and spring preload as well. Travel of double wishbone shocks is 8.4 inches, while on the rear end it is 9.3-inches with ProLink single Showa shock. Double disc brake on the front wheels are new features on 2016 TRX450R all-terrain vehicle.

2016 Honda TRX450R price

The 2016 Honda TRX450R got the price mark of $7,800 for its base models. This is value of vehicle available in red color option, while there are another scheme, limited edition color paint, which boosts the price for $200. Honda Protection plan offers one year warranty for this ATV.

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