2016 Honda XR650L

Off-road motorcycle class is getting another addition for upcoming season. Luckily for all fans, Honda has a new model to offer. It is well known 2016 Honda XR650L. Japanese manufactured made changes on it, and bike is coming better than before. History started in 1992, when first model appeared. Nowadays, we have many reasons to purchase this model. Excellent performance is the first. Not only that, but 2016 XR650L offers great design and driving impression. Nevertheless, price is affordable, and it is another advantage over competition and rivals.

2016 Honda XR650L front view

2016 Honda XR650L specs

New motorcycle will have the same engine used by its predecessor. It is single cylinder unit with displacement of 644 cc. This four-stroke power source has compression ratio at 8.3:1. Furthermore, power is pumped from SOHC four-valve RFVC system. By that, excellent off-road skills are not in doubt. Drive system is completed with 5-speed transmission. For better driving impression, Honda developed new brakes with twin pistons on front. Fuel tank can take 2.8 gallons and there is reserve of 0.6 gallons. Emissions are meeting all standards. Also, fuel economy is exceptional for 2016 Honda XR650L with estimated rate of 52 mpg. All in all, bike is excellent choice for off-road adventures.

2016 Honda XR650L side view

2016 Honda XR650L redesign

To be durable, not only engine must be made of quality materials. Also, frame has to back up durability. Nevertheless, comfort usually suffers, but it is not the case with 2016 Honda XR650L. High seating position provides enjoyable ride. It is set at 37 inches. Honda picked red color as main option. Nevertheless, new bike is available in other colors. Electric start key makes it start easy, even in cold mornings. Maintenance is needed less often, and Honda warranty covers most of the breakage.

2016 Honda XR650L rear view

2016 Honda XR650L price

The 2016 Honda XR650L is available from $6,000. Top models are going up to $8,500. Fairly, this is excellent price. It is hard to find similar versatility on one bike such as XR650L. However, there are also some other smaller models in Honda lineup for less money.

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