Monthly Archives: August 2016

2016 Honda CBR650F

Honda CBR lineup has been completely revisited and refreshed for 2016 season. That’s why fans are excited about news and one of the favorite models is 2016 Honda CBR650F. This durable and

2017 Honda Prelude

This legendary sports coupe has been in production for more than twenty-three years. The premiere of this car was back in 1978. After 2001 came a break in production due to small

2016 Honda Rebel

Looking at the 2016 Honda Rebel reminds us on CMX250 motorcycle that Japanese company launched 30 years ago. However all parts have evaluated and modern technology is making new models so different

2016 Honda CTX700N

The 2016 Honda CTX700N is somehow special model and its name unveils it at very beginning. As company described letters in its name are not just randomly there. C stands for comfort,

2016 Honda Shadow Phantom

With innovations in technology entire automotive industry is in progress. Not only leaders but all companies that want their products to be competitive must follow these news and implement into their vehicles.

2016 Honda Shadow Aero

Honda launched few models under Shadow nameplate for upcoming season. One of these is 2016 Honda Shadow Aero. Which is also very similar to Shadow motorcycle but there are slight differences. For

2017 Honda Brio

The 2017 Honda Brio is a small city car in this category has a leading position in the market of Southeast Asia. Since 2011, the appearance of this car is not significantly

2016 Honda Stateline

If you are looking for a perfect motorbike for everyday ride ready for commuting of long trip the 2016 Honda Stateline is a great choice. The way it look and the way

2017 Honda BRV

This crossover is being designed primarily to markets such as India, Philippines and Indonesia. Fresh design comes from Honda’s workshop from Thailand. According to some unofficial information we expected 2017 Honda BRV

2016 Honda Fury

One of the classic American roadsters could become Honda Fury. Japanese company is improving their motorcycles so they are treating to legendary Harley-Davidson in every segment. Now with 2016 Honda Fury they