Monthly Archives: August 2016

2016 Honda CB500X

For upcoming season Honda prepared three motorcycles for their CB500 lineup. First model is sport R bike and upper trim is F the street naked sport machine. The most interesting 500 cc

2016 Honda Africa Twin

The 2016 Honda Africa Twin will be one of the favorite models at first sight for dirty ride. Nevertheless it also has great off-road capability, ready to offer exceptional impression. It is

2018 Acura ILX

According to latest rumors big redesign is expecting  Acura ILX car. This is the one of the most attractive luxurious vehicles in its class. As a result of his popularity company decided

2017 Honda Amaze

Production of this model is carried out in Thailand, Honda’s Department for South East Asia. The 2017 Honda Amaze besides India also distributed in Indonesia and the Philippines. So new model comes