2017 Honda Accord

What we expect from the ninth generation of popular Japanese are significant improvements in design and performance. Honda Accord is one of the Honda’s best-selling model for years with very good reason. Excellent quality, profitability, cost-effectiveness, design following this model. So the expectations for 2017 Honda Accord reasonably large and justify by long-standing reputation that Honda had on the world market. Back in 1976 this model made his debut, in 2017 we expect the sedan version of this model. For now, there are speculations that this model will be available for the European market and countries of North America.

2017 Honda Accord front view

2017 Honda Accord redesign

The 2017 Honda Accord comes with new features, appearance is updated and performances are enhanced. As far as the interior design controls the 8 inch screen will be assumed with the touch screen. For comfort will take care of the design of seat witch help to be more legroom, and the possibility of adjustable rear seat brings more space in the trunk. From technical improvements we expect cruise control, rear camera, parking sensor, anti-collision system. The exterior design has been also updated and aerodynamic capabilities are improved. Finally this brings more luxurious looks of the car. To facilitate driving at night Honda has worked to improve the headlights and fog lights.

2017 honda accord interior

2017 Honda Accord engine

Under the hood of 2017 Honda Accord is 2.4 l I-VTEC petrol-based four-cylinder engine. The performance will be absolutely great, as it will deliver 190 hp. This engine will be connected with 8-speed DCT transmission. Most of all we expect that 2017 Honda Accord for sure is drive to all four wheels and in the offer expected 6 speed automatic and 6 speed manual CVT.

2017 honda accord rear view

2017 Honda release date and price

This model 2017 Honda Accord, according to some rumors can be expected in the mid of next year. The range in price depend of the trim level. For the most basic model expected price should be around $ 22,000, a maximum amount should be set aside for the best package according to some statistics, is about $ 35,000.

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