2017 Honda CBR650F

The 2017 Honda CBR650F is definitely a first choice for many riders, and there are so many reasons for that. This model has so much to offer that we don’t know where to start. It is not only about company’s unmatchable quality and performances, there are so much more. This motorcycle is a class for itself. It is not only about its engine size that stands somewhere between. It comes with so many great features, such as rock-solid chassis, smooth transmission, digital instruments etc. Finally, there is an attractive racing styling, which really makes this model very special. Also, we would like to mention that company cared about buyer’s budget and that 2017 CBR650F also features very approachable price.

2017 Honda CBR650F redesign

2017 Honda CBR650F front view

The 2017 Honda CBR650F offers so many benefits and we would like to mention some of them. First thing that you will notice about this bike is its amazing styling. It features attractive racing styling, which is pretty much in same design language as other amazing models from CBR series. Compared to those completely racing models, this one feature a little bit more comfortable riding position, which is great for everyday ride. Under this attractive body, there is a rock-solid chassis, which provides plenty of strength and excellent, quick responding handling. Instrumentation is completely digital. There are things like speedometer, tachometer, clock, trip meter, fuel gauge etc. There are also clip-on handlebars, which are designed to put you in sporty position, which is comfortable enough for longer trips. When it comes to long trips, there is another great feature. The 2017 Honda CBR650F features a larger 4.5-gallon fuel tank.

2017 Honda CBR650F side view

2017 Honda CBR650F engine

When it is about powertrain, 2017 Honda CBR650F comes with very interesting design solution. It features a 649cc four-cylinder engine, which is definitely one of the best parts on this bike. Compared to twins of this size, it offers better response and also plenty of low and midrange torque. Also, there are some advanced design solutions. This engine features things like liquid cooling, programmed fuel injection, digital ignition etc. All these features provide even better efficiency. This great engine comes in pair with 6-speed transmission.

2017 Honda CBR650F rear view

2017 Honda CBR650F price

Another great thing about this motorcycle is price. It starts at 8.500 dollars, which is quite approachable for bike like this. Also, there is a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which can be extended with Honda Protection Plan.

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