2017 Honda Clarity

The first model was produced between 2008 and 2014. Then he returns the vehicle driven by hydrogen fuel cell. The 2017 Honda Clarity comes completely redesigned with a lot of improvements. All models that had powered Honda Clarity as they were seen as vehicles of the future. Honda will be with this car definitely try to fight for first place both design and performance. According to some reports, premier of this vehicle will be in Japan. This is not surprising due to their interest in environmental protection.

2017 Honda Clarity front view

2017 Honda Clarity features

Honda has kept all the good features of the previous vehicle, adding an updated design of the new model. Many features borrowed from a very good ranked Accord. The 2017 Honda Clarity is a midsize sedan with four doors. During all these years the company at every even on this model retains a unique design language. The only thing that changes is the performance of each vehicle in a positive direction. This model will accompany unconventional details that will accentuate the futuristic attitude. As far as cabin comfort it will be equipped with the systems of the latest technology. Only the trunk to suffer changes due to the battery, and the current space will be reduced.

2017 Honda Clarity interior

2017 Honda Clarity engine

Finally for 2017 Honda Clarity this is the main part of the vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cell battery has a power output of 174 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque. With a fully charged battery will be provided the transition of up to 300 miles. The plant will be on all four wheels. Most noteworthy of all the acceleration that will be from 0 to 60 in nine seconds.

Honda Clarity rear view

2017 Honda Clarity release date and price

The 2017 Honda Clarity could appear in the US market before the end of this year. As far as the price is still no indication of how this model should be moving. Certainly this will not be a problem for those who love these cars.

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