2017 Honda CRF250R

The 2017 Honda CRF250R will continue to be a true class leader. It is an ultimate racing bike, which is umatchable when it comes to performances. It features all of the Honda’s recognizable characteristics, such as excellent quality, reliability, durability etc. Another thing that separates this models from the rest is that this bike is one of the most rider-friendly motorcycles that you can find around. So, this model suits perfectly not only for professional riders, but also for all other enthusiasts who like races and other kinds of off-road adventures. The 2017 Honda CRF250R will come pretty much without changes, compared to current model. Once again, we won’t see just a bike with amazing performances, but also perfect balance between price and quality, and many other benefits too.

2017 Honda CRF250R features

2017 Honda CRF250R front viewThe 2017 Honda CRF250R is a true leader in class, thanks to many advanced design solutions that this bike offers. It comes with strong but extremely light construction. However, this motorcycle doesn’t feature just light body. It comes with advanced, next-generation aluminum frame, which isn’t only light, but also designed to provide lower center of gravity and improved center of mass. So, the result is that this model is both responsive and stabile. Also, 2017 Honda CRF250R uses the short-twin muffler exhaust system, which also contributes to the overall handling and power delivery. Suspension on this motorcycle is just amazing. It offers adjustable suspension on both ends, with total travel of 12.2 inches at the front, and 12.3 inches on rear end. There is also a Honda Progressive Steering Damper, which works in conjuction with suspension on both ends, and offers unmathcable, absolutely amazingly precise handling.

2017 Honda CRF250R side view2017 Honda CRF250R engine

When it comes to powertrain, 2017 Honda CRF250R features a 249cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which offers unmatchable efficiency, with plenty of power in wide rpm range. It comes in pair with close ration five-speed transmission, and features many advanced systems. Some of them is Dual Timing Programmed Fuel Injection, which makes this great engine even better and rider-friendly. Also, there is an engine-mode select button, mounted on the handlebar. This feature lets you to choose power delivery. There are three modes – Standard, Smooth and Aggressive. So, you can find best mode for each riding condition. Moreover, you can reprogram these modes.

2017 Honda CRF250R rear view2017 Honda CRF250R price

This amazing motorcycle has a starting price of 7.600 dollars. The 2017 Honda CRF250R comes in Red finish.

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