2017 Honda CTX700

There aren’t many bikes like 2017 Honda CTX700 around. This excellent model is much more than a touring motorcycle. With this model, company’s engineers made an excellent combination of proven and conventional design solutions, with some of the latest technologies in motorcycle industry. This touring bike will give you a perfect riding experience, featuring not just comfortable, long routes-friendly bike, but also an amazing and extremely fun ride, because of many great design solutions. Also, there is a company’s recognizable, unmatchable quality, reliability and durability. With this bike, you will be able to go all around the world. It come with very approachable price, and also features plenty of accessories and other optional features.

2017 Honda CTX700 redesign and features

2017 Honda CTX700 front viewThe 2017 Honda CTX700 is an extremely versatile motorcycle, which will give you both amazing comfort and ride experience at the same time. There are plenty of amazing design solutions that you can find on this motorcycle. It features a diamond-shape steel frame, which gives a perfect dose of stiffness and rigidity, and also provides excellent handling. It also features very low center of gravity, which makes your riding experience even better. When it comes to suspension, you will find a 41mm fork at the front and ProLink suspension at rear end. On both ends, travel is around 4.3 inches. Besides fantastic riding characteristics, 2017 Honda CTX700 also offers amazing comfort and weather protection. There are plenty of benefits that can be found on this model, such as perfect seating position, with backrests, integrated storage compartment etc. Instruments and gauges are completely digital, and they are shown on LCD screen.

2017 Honda CTX700 side view2017 Honda CTX700 engine

The 2017 Honda CTX700 comes with company’s well-known and so many times proven parallel-twin powertrain. It is an excellent 670cc engine, which offers not only plenty of power and great economy, but also many other benefits. It comes with programmed fuel injection, digital ignition, and features Honda’s unmatchable durability and reliability. A 6-speed manual comes as standard, while advanced dual-clutch transmission comes as option. Average fuel economy goes around 64 mpg in combined ride.

2017 Honda CTX700 rear view2017 Honda CTX700 price

The 2017 Honda CTX700 has a starting price of 7.500 dollars. It comes in Gray Blue Metallic finish, and features one year warranty, but you can extend it with company’s well-known Honda Protection Plan.

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