2017 Honda CTX700N

In a motorcycle world where pretty much all cruisers look alike, 2017 Honda CTX700N is something completely different. Moreover, this bike brings it on a whole new level. Besides well-known cruiser characteristics such as low seat, relaxed seating position etc. it also comes with pretty unique styling, which lets you to accentuate your individuality. Besides unique look, there are many things that will make your riding experience better, and bring many improvement to overall riding characteristics. You also get efficient and reliable engine and plenty of other amazing features. Finally, there is very approachable price, which is another great characteristic of 2017 CTX700N.

2017 Honda CTX700N redesign and features

2017 Honda CTX700N 01The 2017 Honda CTX700N is not an ordinary cruiser. It comes with many great and unique characteristics. First thing that you will notice is its styling. Compared to most of cruisers, it comes with a little bit naked appearance, and with many things that improve riding characteristics. For example, there is an engine counterbalance and rubber-mounted footpegs that significantly reduce vibrations. Like on all cruisers, rider’s position low and in relaxed position. The 2017 Honda CTX700N also offers integrated storage space, which gives plenty of space to put you helmet and many other features. When it comes to instrumentation, there is a completely digital LCD screen, with plenty of instruments and gauges. It shows things like speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, maintenance indicators and many others. It features a 17-inch front wheel and disc brakes on both ends, with optional ABS, for safe stops.

2017 Honda CTX700N front view2017 Honda CTX700N engine

The 2017 Honda CTX700N features a 670cc parallel-twin engine, which brings plenty of benefits. It provides better weight distribution, which is very important for overall efficiency. There are also many advanced features, such as programmed fuel injection, liquid-cooling etc. When it comes to transmission, six-speed manual is standard feature, while automatic transmission is optional feature. According to company, this model has average fuel consumption around 64 gallons. However, you should consider that fuel economy depends much on your way of ride and many other factors. Fuel capacity is 3.17 gallons.

2017 Honda CTX700N side view2017 Honda CTX700N price

The 2017 Honda CTX700N starts around 7.000 dollars. It comes in Light Silver Metallic color and with one-year warranty, but you can extend it with Honda Protection Plan.

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