2017 Honda Element

The 2017 Honda Element comes after several years of break. According to the information provided it should not happen at the end of 2017. Since we talk about this SUV talking about a functional vehicle with a large list of options. The first item is displayed as a transport vehicle in 2002. Sales of this model is in decline so we hope it will bring a new refreshment in all segments. Latest data show that 325,000 of the vehicles in North America. As a result we expect a good and nice car designed for urban environments. This Honda SUV comes with boxed competition vehicles like the Hummer, Mercedes G class, and Jeep.

2017 Honda Element front view

2017 Honda Element redesign

The cab of this vehicle will be adapted placing six passengers. And designers have paid attention to the comfort of the interior and leave enough headroom and legroom. The luggage space comes significantly expanded with a capacity of 25 / 74.5 cubic ft. This luggage space facilitates each long journey that requires packaging accessories. The front grille has a new not so aggressive look wrapped in black plastic for attractiveness. Larger headlamps with LED lights provide better lighting for night driving. LCD screen on the center console of relief to the driver while driving. The 2017 Honda Element has an additional package in the form of bluetooth connectivity, GPS satellite and stereo sound system. The interior is made of high quality materials.

2017 Honda Element interior

2017 Honda Element engine

The petrol engine of 2.4 liter 166 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque connected to a five-speed manual transmission will be located under the hood 2017 Honda Element. For more powerful engines still no official confirmation from Honda. Although the gasoline will be able to develop 100 mf. Most attention is focused on the economy and fuel consumption what this SUV definitely justified.

2017 Honda Element side view

2017 Honda Element release date and price

The 2017 Honda Element  probably coming in the second half of next year. So price range will greatly depend on the equipment package that is chosen. Seems like minimum price that will be required to set aside for this model is 16,000 dollars. Finally drive to all four wheels will be as high as 26,000 dollars.

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