2017 Honda Fit Shuttle

Japanese manufacturer continues with its newest version of this popular station wagon. It is a second-generation model that came few years ago with plenty of changes. This model is now in second generation, and still rides on the same platform as popular Fit/Jazz model. It comes with different body style and also features several other unique design characteristics. This is a model that offers modern attractive design and also spacious and comfortable interior which provides excellent driving experience. It comes in conventional gasoline variants, but there is also a hybrid powertrain in offer. For this year, 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle comes pretty much without changes, featuring the same characteristics that came in 2015.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle redesign

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle front viewThe 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle continues in the pretty much same way as 2016 year model. It comes with the same design and features pretty much the same characteristics, both when it comes to appearance and mechanical part of the car. Also, it continues with the same attractive design, which completely follows latest design language of the brand, but also adds some spices of its own. It comes in station wagon body style and features pretty much the same styling as standard Fit model, with some unique characteristics. So, you can find some details that are not available on models outside Japan. This refers primarily on areas such as lighting etc. When it comes to interior, things remained the same also. There is a pretty much same design of the cabin, and there is also pretty much the same list of standard and optional features, for all trim levels.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle rear view2017 Honda Fit Shuttle engine

When it comes to powertrain, 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle comes both in gasoline and hybrid version. Base model  features a familiar 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine, which is good for about 130 horsepower and comes in various options when it comes to transmission. You can choose between 6-speed manual, 7-speed DCT and CVT gearboxes. The 2017 Fit Shuttle also comes in hybrid version. This model features the same engine, which comes in pair with electric motor. Total output is around 135 horses. Besides more power, this version offers significantly better fuel economy, compared to gasoline engine. In combined drive, it should be good for about 80 miles per gallon.

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle2017 Honda Fit Shuttle price

The 2017 Honda Fit Shuttle is available at 17.300 dollars.

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  1. adi says:

    cepat lah masuk indonesia, klo bisa fit shutlenya, ada manual 7 seater,

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