2017 Honda Grace

Japanese version of this popular small car is coming in next few weeks with plenty of new things. Just like its export version City, 2017 Honda Grace will come with several updates. Company prepared a mid-cycle refresh, which will include both visual and mechanical changes. Current model is present since 2013, so this was pretty much expected. We will see improved look, with some new styling details especially at the front end. On the other side, interior will also feature many new things. Not only that we will see some revisions on areas like dashboard or cluster, but we will also see more equipment. Finally, we will see some revisions in mechanical aspects, when it comes to powertrain and other parts.

2017 Honda Grace changes

2017 Honda Grace front viewAs we already mentioned, company prepared plenty of new things for 2017 Honda Grace. We will see changes both in visual and mechanical aspect. This is a so-called mid-cycle refresh, which company prepared after four years of production. As you probably know, current model is in production since 2013. For this occasion, we will see big visual improvement, especially at the front. New model will come with revision on the headlights, grille, bumpers and other areas, which will provide more attractive look of this small city car. Once again, we will see small differences in styling between hybrid and regular gasoline models. These difference will be mostly in areas such as lighting and tailgate. When it comes to interior, 2017 Honda Grace will come with some revisions on the dashboard, where we should see some button reconfiguration and similar things. Also, some set of new standard features in welcome.

2017 Honda Grace interior2017 Honda Grace engine

The 2017 Honda Grace will come both with hybrid and regular gasoline powertrain. Base model will feature a 1.5 liter gasoline engine, which is good for about 130 horsepower and 115 pound-feet of torque. There is also a hybrid configuration, which features 1.5 liter gasoline engine and hi-output electric motor with lithium-ion battery. This powertrain comes with DCT transmission, and AWD is also in offer as optional. Besides good performances, this model will offer amazing fuel economy, which should go around 80 mpg in combined drive.

2017 Honda Grace rear view2017 Honda Grace release date and price

New 2017 Honda Grace is coming, and it will happen in next few weeks. For now, we know that price should remain the same, which means around 20.000 dollars.

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