2017 Honda Insight

This model is the first hybrid vehicle that appeared on the American market. But the Premiere did not go well because of defects such as automatic transmission. The original Insight was a two-seater, while the next generation came in with cabin for five passengers. Since the new 2017 Honda Insight expect a complete redesign of the vehicle, with improved performance. According to some rumors at the end of 2016 and no later than the beginning of 2017 arrives the new Insight.

2017 Honda Insight front view

2017 Honda Insight powertrain

Under the hood 2017 Honda Insight will most likely find a 1.3 liter four-cylinder engine with 10 kW and nickel-metal hydride battery. For this data still does not have precise and verified information. This engine should develop 98 hp and 123 lb-ft of Tuesday. Fuel consumption would be ranged between 41 and 44 mpg for city driving and the open road.

2017 Honda Insight rear view

2017 Honda Insight redesign

On the market, this model is since 1999. For the production of long nearly two decades it was time for a redesign. This new hybrid will get a sporty look sharp lines. The 2017 Honda Insight comes with the latest security systems, well-equipped cabins and modern design. The exterior design front grille reminiscent of new-generation Civic. The cabin has room for five passengers. It also contains 5-inch touchscreen, modern and high quality materials. The expanded list of standard equipment will include cruise control, automatic LED headlights, automatic climate control and many other benefits.

2017 Honda Insight interior

2017 Honda Insight release date and price

After the 100,000 vehicles sold 2017 Honda Insight should appear in late 2016 or early 2017 at the latest. The indicative price of this hybrid would probably amounted to around $ 20,000. For this, there is still no confirmation of that information, it would be the price for a basic package. Also for some extended trim the price could reach the amount of around $ 30,000. For fans of this model price will not be a problem, with all the above characteristics out of this car will hardly wait.

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