2017 Honda Mobilio

This car is specifically designed for the market of Southeast Asia and comes refreshed. This is a new 2017 Honda Mobilio. So this model will be sold in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. There is no information that this car be available on the market of Europe and America. Due to its spacious and comfortable cabin is designed for families. The first model have premier in 2001. With this new we do not expect major changes only few refreshments.

2017 Honda Mobilio front view

2017 Honda Mobilio features

The 2017 Honda Mobilio shares a platform with models Brio and Amaze. So in visual sense we expect a lot of similarities. Precise information on what to expect from this refreshments are still lacking. What we know is refreshed exterior design of the vehicle with slightly altered grille. Perhaps an altered form of the front and rear lights with LED lights. Large changes in the cabin we do not expect. Finally, comfort and small improvements in the visual experience are something we expect.

2017 Honda Mobilio specs

The basic package should include climate control, power steering, air vent on the back side, electronic lock and many other characteristics. Beautifully packed performance with guaranteed quality materials will provide comfort to passengers. First of all safety features this model provides maximum security, since it is a real family Mobilio.

2017 Honda Mobilio interior

2017 Honda Mobilio engine

Under the hood 2017 Honda Mobilio will be found two options. The first options have a 1,5 liter petrol engine with a power of 118 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. Also second with 1,5-liter turbodiesel engine with 100 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. These engines will be available with manual and CVT transmission. The consumption of gasoline engine will be about 17,3 kpl or 40 miles per gallon. Finally we expect the diesel engine fuel consumption of 24.2 l kp or 56 miles per gallon.

2017 Honda Mobilio rear view

2017 Honda Mobilio release date and price

There are no precise information for the release of 2017 Honda Mobilio. Finally we expected start of production in late 2016 or at the latest at first half of 2017. Therefore price remains unknown until the release of this model.

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