2017 Honda NC700X

The 2017 Honda NC700X will continue to be one of the most versatile motorcycles around. Although it is primarily an adventure bike, it is amazing for all kinds of purposes. It comes with plenty of amazing design solutions that provide fantastic riding experience. First of all, there is new, attractive design. This bike doesn’t just look tough. It also comes with extremely hard construction and plenty of other features that are great for off-road ride. When it comes to powertrain, it comes with highly-efficient twin-cylinder engine, which provides not only plenty of power, but also great fuel economy. There are also plenty of features for better comfort, more practicality etc.

2017 Honda NC700X redesign

2017 Honda NC700X front viewThe 2017 Honda NC700X is an extremely versatile motorcycle. It comes with plenty of amazing benefits that make this bike excellent for various purpose. However, this is primarily an adventure motorcycle. There are plenty of things that make this model amazingly attractive, capable, comfortable etc. For example, there are several new details, such as larger windscreen, new front-brake caliper, new muffler etc. Beside great visual details, there are also things like steel truss frame, which makes this model both light and strong, and also provides excellent handling. The 2017 Honda NC700X features an integrated storage compartment with capacity of 22 liters, which is enough to put a full-face helmet and plenty of other things. When it is about instrumentation, this bike features a modern, LCD screen that show plenty of information, such as speedometer, digital bar-type tachometer, clock, low-fuel gauge and two trip meters.

2017 Honda NC700X side view2017 Honda NC700X engine and performances

Great performances are major characteristic of 2017 Honda NC700X. It features a 670cc parallel-twin engine, which features liquid cooling. It comes in pair with six-speed transmission, while dual-clutch transmission is available as option. This powertrain includes several advanced systems, such as digital ignition and electronic fuel injection, which provide easy starts, flawless running through wide rpm range and excellent overall efficiency. When it comes to overall performances, we must say that this bike offers great off-road capabilities. The 2017 NC700X features excellent suspension, with 5.4 inches of travel at the front and 5.9 inches of travel at the rear end. Fuel capacity is 3.7 gallons, while overall consumption is around 64 gallons.

2017 Honda NC700X rear view2017 Honda NC700X price

The 2017 Honda NC700X goes around 7.500 dollars and comes in Silver Metallic finish. It also features a one-year warranty, which could be extended with Honda Protection Plan.

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