2017 Honda PCX150

Scooters are truly the best choice for urban rides, but 2017 Honda PCX150 takes it to the whole new level. This is a model that offers plenty of amazing benefits. It combines all of the best characteristics that you can get from some motorcycle. First of all, this is very practical scooter, which offers excellent fuel economy, plenty of smart features etc. Also, it is extremely fun scooter to ride, which offers amazing engine with plenty of power, response etc. It also features amazingly attractive look, with LED headlights, sharp lines and plenty of other modern styling solutions. Finally, this 2017 PCX150 is very affordable scooter, which is another great benefit.

2017 Honda PCX150 redesign and features

2017 Honda PCX150 front viewAs we already mentioned, 2017 Honda PCX150 is excellent in all aspects and offers plenty of amazing benefits. First thing that you will notice is that this is one very attractive-looking scooter, which comes with sharp lines, dual LED headlights and many other details. Besides its excellent styling, it is also very practical scooter. There are many great benefits in this aspect. For example, there is a very spacious under-seat storage, where you can put a full-face helmet and many other things. Also, 2017 Honda PCX150 features a 12-volt power outlet, which means that you can charge your personal electronics during ride. Another great thing about this model is that it comes with both side-stand and center-stand, which allows you to park pretty much everywhere, in the way you want. This scooter offers a large and comfortable seating, with capacity for two, and it is stepped, for co-pilots better view.

2017 Honda PCX150 012017 Honda PCX150 engine

The 2017 Honda PCX150 is just amazing in this aspect. It features a 153cc single-cylinder engine, which comes with liquid cooling. This engine comes in pair with V-Matic automatic transmission, which means that you just need to start the engine and enjoy the ride. Another great feature is programmed fuel injection, which makes a great impact on overall efficiency. This scooter offers not only amazing amount of power, but also impressive fuel economy. It goes around 100 miles per gallon in combined ride. We would also like to mention that 2017 PCX150 comes with larger 2.1-gallon tank.

2017 Honda PCX150 side view2017 Honda PCX150 price

The 2017 Honda PCX150 comes with very affordable price. It starts around 3.500 dollars, and comes in two color options – Dark Pearl Blue and Pearl White.

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