2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4

Expect plenty of great things from 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4, which comes with some serious updates for this year. No matter if you are professional or just want to go for some occasional countryside ridings, this side by side will be excellent for you. It is a model that comes with plenty of benefits in various aspects. Besides Honda’s unmatchable quality, there are many other great things about it. It is a UTV that offers attractive look, high level of comfort and excellent performance. Despite its compact size, it is a highly-capable and fully-equipped vehicle that allows you to do pretty much everything. For this year, company present new Deluxe series which make 2017 Pioneer 700-4 even better.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 redesign

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 front viewThe 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a very versatile UTV. First thing that you’ll notice about it is its look. It comes with attractive sharp lines that make it one of the best-looking side by sides around. Besides attractive styling, there is also a high level of comfort. This model comes with two rows of seats and capacity for four passengers. Both rows of seating feature plenty of space for adult passengers.  Also, there is a company’s excellent QuickFlip seating system, which allows you to quickly configure your UTV as 2-seater, 3-seater or 4-seater. Besides these great features inside, 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 is also highly capable when it comes to work. It comes with strong and rigid construction and feature great capacity when it comes to towing and hauling. For example, max towing capacity is around 1500 pounds. On the other side, bed capacity is 1000 pounds.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 interior2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 engine

When it comes to powertrain, 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 comes with proven solutions. It features well-known and so many times proven 675cc single-cylinder engine, which features programed fuel injection and liquid cooling. Another great feature is transmission. This model features a 3-speed automatic transmission but, if you want to control your ride completely, there is a manual mode thanks to paddle shifters that are mounted on steering wheel. This feature is available in new Deluxe models. Fuel capacity is around 7.9 gallons including 1.2-gallon reserve.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 rear view2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 price

The 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 starts around 12.000 dollars. Also, there is a new Deluxe model, which goes around 13.500 dollars, but comes with much better features such as paddle shifters, power steering etc. All models feature one-year warranty.

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