2017 Honda Pioneer 700

The 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 is one well-balanced utility side by side, which gives you plenty of amazing characteristics. It is a medium size UTV, which offers strong construction, efficient engine and plenty of other great features. Despite original model came not so long ago, this side by side already gained great reputation and good position on the market. For the next year, it comes pretty much unchanged, with same great characteristics. Another great thing about 2017 Pioneer 700 will be its comfort. There are comfortable seats, spacious cabin etc. Finally, it is a highly-customizable side by side, which comes with plenty of accessories for perfect customization.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 redesign and features

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 front viewThe 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 comes with many great features, which will provide excellent working characteristics. This UTV will be perfect for various kinds of work. It feature strong construction made of steel, which provides high dose of strength and rigidity. When it comes to suspension, company recently introduced a new version, which provides long travel, somewhere around 9.1 inches. When it is about capabilities, 2017 Honda 700 is great. Behind the seats, you will find a large cargo bed, which has a hydraulic-assist strut, with capacity of 1000 pounds.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 side view2017 Honda Pioneer 700 comfort and accessories

Beside great working characteristics, 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 features high level of comfort. It comes with two comfortable, car-like bucket seats, which come with headrests as standard feature. There is also a model with two rows of seats, which is great if you have more passengers to ride. On the other side, this version offers a little bit smaller cargo bed. There are also plenty of accessories, which make this UTV highly-customizable. You can choose various kinds of accessories, such as windshield, door nets, solid doors and roof, winch and many, many other.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 rear view2017 Honda Pioneer 700 engine

The 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 features a highly-efficient 675cc engine, which provides excellent quality and durability. It comes in pair with 3-speed automatic transmission, and provides plenty of power in wide rpm range. Because of that, this UTV can tow up to 1500 pounds, while max payload is around 1000 pounds.

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 price

When it is about price, 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 will come without changes. Base model will go around 10.500 dollars, while model with two rows of seats will cost around 12.000 dollars. You have a choice of three colors – Red, Olive and Phantom Camo.

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