2017 Honda Rebel

This popular motorcycle continues it ride, this time as 2017 Honda Rebel. So, what to tell about this model? Well, it surely doesn’t need some special introduction. It is a model that Honda produces for more than three decades, and through all these years, it was one of the most popular motorcycles in class. This small bike is perfect for various kinds of riders. It is excellent for beginners and other not so experienced riders. On the other side, it also offers good performances and comfort, and can be very good even for those with long experience. Thanks to its quality, reliability and easiness of use, it is one of the most popular motorcycles around.

2017 Honda Rebel redesign and features

2017 Honda Rebel front viewThe 2017 Honda Rebel will be a great choice for you, no matter how experienced you are. It is a well-balanced bike, which offers many benefits, although it is small and cheap. First thing that you will notice about it is styling. This model gives an amazing retro flavor. It is a beautifully-designed bike, which comes with classic cruiser styling. You will notice that there are many chrome details, just it was case with models from several decades ago. Parts like headlight, pullback handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, two-piece custom seat, bobbed fenders etc. are all of chrome. Besides great look, there is another amazing thing about 2017 Rebel. It features a semi-double-cradle frame. This provides a very long wheelbase, if you consider dimensions of the bike, which gives amazing riding experience.

2017 Honda Rebel rear view2017 Honda Rebel engine and performances

This is a small motorcycle. Because of that, it comes with small engine. Total displacement is only 234 cc, and this engine is good for about 16 horses. This amount of power doesn’t sound much, but it is quite enough for a bike that weight only 331 pound. It comes in pair with 5-speed manual transmission. Max speed is around 70 miles per hour. This motorcycle is also very economic. The 2017 Honda Rebel returns around 85 mpg, and if we consider that fuel capacity is 2.6 gallons, this means that you can ride for more than 200 miles with just one tank.

2017 Honda Rebel price

One of great things about this bike is affordable price. The 2017 Honda Rebel goes around 4.200 dollars.

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