2017 Honda Recon

The 2017 Honda Recon is a perfect example that bigger isn’t always better. This ATV is compact in size, but it is highly capable. It is one of smaller models from company’s lineup, which comes with many benefits. Simply, compact size is advantage in many situations. This model will give you excellent performances, despite its size. It comes with powerful and efficient engine, and also with many other features that improve its working abilities. When it is about styling, this model follows company’s design language and comes with familiar appearance. Another great thing about it is price. This model is very affordable, and also comes with many accessories in offer for better customization.

2017 Honda Recon redesign and features

2017 Honda Recon front viewAs we already mentioned, 2017 Honda Recon is a compact ATV. It is one of smaller models from company’s lineup. Despite its size, it is highly capable ATV, which comes with many benefits. In many situations, smaller means better. For example, it size provides excellent handling and maneuverability, especially on hard and tight terrains. It might be small, but 2017 Recon features strong steel construction, which make it capable for many hard tasks. It comes with double-wishbone suspension at front and swing arm at the rear end. So, you will get around five inches of travel on both ends. There is also a full signalizations, especially at the rear end, where 2017 Honda Recon features LED taillight and brake light. Behind the seat, you will find a steel racks for some decent cargo to carry. You can choose between two colors – Red and Green.

2017 Honda Recon rear view2017 Honda Recon engine and performances

The 2017 Honda Recon is small and simple, but also very effective. It comes with 229cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which comes with 22mm carburetor and electronic ignition. It features air cooling and comes with automatic transmission, which includes reverse too. This engine is very efficient and offers plenty of power and torque, especially at low rpm, where most of the job will be done. Fuel capacity is 2.6 gallons, including 0.6-gallon reserve.

2017 Honda Recon 012017 Honda Recon price

The 2017 Honda Recon starts at around 4.000 dollars. It comes in two color options – Green and Red. Also, there is a one-year warranty.

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