2017 Honda Ruckus

The 2017 Honda Ruckus is all about simplicity. It is a scooter that offers minimalistic look, but excellent performances on the other side. Although quite simple, it offers plenty of amazing benefits. It features minimalistic design, perfect for all those who care only on ride. Besides that, it offers enough power for city ride, and excellent fuel economy. With its simple construction, this model also provides extremely low costs of maintenance, and easiness of use. It is available in several color options. Finally, great thing about it is price. Pretty much everyone can afford this scooter.

2017 Honda Ruckus design and features

2017 Honda Ruckus front viewFor those who prefer simplicity, 2017 Honda Ruckus is a perfect solution. This scooter features so simple design that makes its appearance so unique. You will be much easier noticed on this scooter than on some other, much better equipped motorcycle. However, people who would ride this model usually don’t care much about this things. They just want a bike that is instantly ready to use, and that is perfect for urban conditions. However, this bike is great in some other conditions too. It comes equipped with some great features. Both wheels feature drum brakes. When it is about suspension, you will find a twin downtube fork at the front, with 1.9 inches of travel. At the rear end, you will find a single shock, with 2.6 inches of travel. Seat height is around 29 inches, which means that even those taller will find 2017   Ruckus quite comfortable.

2017 Honda Ruckus side view2017 Honda Ruckus engine

The 2017 Honda Ruckus is very small, but quiet efficient. This scooter features a 49cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. It is very efficient and provides enough power for every situation. There things like liquid cooling and 18mm CV carburetor with automatic choke that comes with this engine. When it comes to transmission, there is an automatic V-matic belt drive gearbox. Also, this engine comes with electric starter. Fuel capacity is 1.3 gallons, while estimated fuel economy is around 114 miles per gallon.

2017 Honda Ruckus2017 Honda Ruckus price

Another great things about 2017 Honda Ruckus is price. This scooter will cost you only 2.650 dollars. It comes in two colors – White/Red and Black. Also, there is a one-year factory warranty.

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