2017 Honda S1000

The 2017 Honda S1000 arrives this year as a high-performance sports car. Honda will first introduce this car to market of North America but it is not surprising if it appears, on the other. Model S1000 is one of the upcoming models coming to refresh the offer. Completely redesigned version of the car comes to the US market. On the Japanese market this car has a different name and it is in this case S660.

2017 Honda S1000 front view

2017 Honda S1000 redesign

Sports car lovers will delight the use of lightweight materials in the construction. To this model provides exceptional performance. Easy handling and good maneuverability are the main characteristics of the 2017 Honda S1000. All this provides a total weight of barely 1900 kilos which justifies all of these expectations. The external appearance will be very similar combination of styles of models S660 Acura NSX. As a result of this combination comes the unmistakable design, sporty two-seater. The interior of the vehicle has not yet been confirmed, but we doubt that comes to us more spacious cabin equipped with the latest technologies.

2017 Honda S1000 interior

2017 Honda S1000 engine

Under the hood 2017 Honda S1000 should find a 1.0 liter engine with four cylinders and 140 hp. More powerful than we expected it would be. The engine that was expected engine model S660, but he has a lot less power. Available will be a version with automatic and manual transmission. This futuristic model will have economical fuel consumption thanks to its performance.

2017 Honda S1000 rear view

2017 Honda S1000 release date and price

Precise data for the release of 2017 Honda S1000 is still missing. Probably to be expected until the end of 2016 or at the latest in early 2017. The price that would be indicative of the basic model in the US market would be around $ 25,000. For some complex and demanding equipment packages she’d reached a higher level. Eagerly awaiting this revamped model, which surely justify its performance and price and long-term quality of Honda.

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