2017 Honda S660

The prototype of this vehicle is shown at the Motor Show in Tokyo, where the extremely well accepted by the public and professionals. Production 2017 Honda S660 is expected very soon, maybe even this year. The premiere of this model will be in Japan, while in other markets make it a little later. The two-seater has a weight of 830 kg and is one of the Kei car category. One thing is certain Honda wants the primacy of the market in the category of small vehicles and all the forces working to achieve this goal.

2017 Honda S660 front view

2017 Honda S660 specs

The 2017 Honda S660 arrives as successor to the once popular Honda Beat. Hence this model comes fully redesigned and extremely lightweight with only 830 kg. This two-seater is only 11 meters long but is it packed enough performance to fit on a line with some sounding names.

2017 Honda S660 redesign

 The front of the vehicle resembles new NSX, while the rest of the exterior design customized Honda’s new design language. The exterior design will adorn even LED lights, wider and larger wheel arches with 18-inch wheels. Model prepared for the US market could have a more aggressive look. Indoor cabin will consist of two seats, dashboard directed towards the driver, many technological function, climate control. New details have satellite navigation, bluetooth connection, audio system, all aimed at improving the general comfort of the passengers.

2017 Honda S660 interior

2017 Honda S660 engine

The excellent performance is guaranteed this roadster. The 2017 Honda S660 will be powered by engines with a total volume of 660 cubic centimeters and an output of 63 hp and 104 lb-ft of torque. As far as the transfer of the offer will probably be a six-speed manual transmission and CVT. Probably version of the engine that will be available in the US market should be a little different. According to unofficial information, it would have a 1.0 liter engine with 125 hp.

2017 Honda S660 side view

2017 Honda S660 release date and price

Also there is no precise information on release date 2017 Honda S660. It is assumed that this should not be to the end of 2016 and no later than the first half of 2017. Finally for the US market expected price will be around $ 25,000.

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