2017 Honda Stateline

If you are a person that prefer comfortable ride above other, 2017 Honda Stateline might be just perfect choice for you. Simply, there are so many great things about this cruiser. First of all, it is extremely comfortable. Thanks to many features, such as stretched wheelbase, this motorcycle provides highly pleasant ride, which is spiced with so many details. There is a simple old-school look, which combines some modern element, which results with remarkable styling. Also, there is a company’s unbeatable quality of all parts, which is one of the major reasons why 2017 Stateline states out, compared to competitors. Finally, there is a large and powerful engine, which provides excellent riding experience, full of convenience.

2017 Honda Stateline redesign

2017 Honda StatelineDespite its pretty usual look, 2017 Honda Stateline is unusual in many ways. Simply, it is a model that is surely one of the leaders in class. It comes with plenty of benefits. First of all, there is an outstanding appearance. Despite the fact that this motorcycle comes in classic cruiser style and features retro look. Besides large fenders, tank-mounted instruments and plenty of chrome, there are also many progressive details that brought special flavor to this bike. Of course, best thing about it is comfort. This model offers a perfect riding position, which will keep you fresh even after longest journeys. As we already mentioned, Honda engineers placed instrument panel on tank, in classical manner. This instrumentation is quite simple but shows necessary information. It combines analog and digital details. The 2017 Honda Stateline comes in Blue Metallic finish and features a 4.4-gallon tank.

2017 Honda Stateline front view2017 Honda Stateline engine

Just like most of cruisers, 2017 Honda Stateline also features a V-twin engine. Simply, that is a special feel that only V-twin can bring. It is an engine with displacement of 1312 cc, which comes with plenty of great features like programmed fuel injection, a wide 38mm throttle body, completely digital ignition with 3D mapping, dual balancers etc. All these features provide excellent efficiency, plenty of power and torque, minor vibrations etc. Another great feature is large 4.4-gallon fuel tank which, along with great 46 mpg of fuel economy, provides very rare refueling.

2017 Honda Stateline rear view2017 Honda Stateline price

Despite all great features, company still managed to keep very approachable price for this bike. So, base model goes around 10.000 dollars. It comes in Blue Metallic color and with one-year warranty, which you can extend with Honda Protection Plan.

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