2017 Honda VFR1200F

The 2017 Honda VFR1200F is definitely one of the most exciting motorcycles today. It comes with so many advanced design solutions and latest technologies that it looks more like it came from future. It is a sports bike that comes with great benefits. First thing that you will notice about it is styling. There are so many details that emphasize its hi-tech character. Technical part of the bike is even more impressive. There are plenty of design solutions and features never seen before on motorcycles of this type. For example, 2017 VFR1200F comes with advanced 1237 V4 engine, throttle by wire system, standard ABS, traction control, dual-clutch automatic transmission and many other great things.

2017 Honda VFR1200F design and features

2017 Honda VFR1200F front viewAs we already mentioned, 2017 Honda VFR1200F is definitely one of the most amazing motorcycles that you can find around. There are plenty of benefits on this bike. First of all, it comes with amazingly attractive styling, which is full of smooth surfaces that provide special aerodynamic feel. When it comes to advanced technologies, there are plenty of the installed in 2017 Honda VFR1200F. For example, this motorcycle comes with trip computer. So, besides standard instruments and gauges, there are things like current MPG, average MPG, miles-to-empty etc. This bike features a dual-seat design, which features hi-quality materials and provides plenty of space, both for rider and passengers. There is also an interesting exhaust system. Silencer features two outlets. One of them is always open, while other opens at high rpms and speeds, which provides more efficient use of power and also gives much better sound.

2017 Honda VFR1200F rear view2017 Honda VFR1200F engine

There are plenty of great features and design solutions, when it comes to powertrain. The 2017 Honda VFR1200F features a 1237cc four-cylinder engine, which features fuel injection, liquid cooling and plenty of other design solutions that improve overall performances. It comes in pair with either dual-clutch automatic or more conventional 6-speed manual transmission, depending on your preferences. All these parts have a significant role in bikes overall efficiency and performances. So, despite larger displacement and amount of power, it also features good economy, which goes around 35 miles per gallon in combined ride. Fuel tank capacity is 5 gallons.

2017 Honda VFR1200F 012017 Honda VFR1200F price

The 2017 Honda VFR1200F starts around 16.000 dollars. It comes with one-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which could be extended with Honda Protection Plan.

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