2017 Honda XR650L

Once again, this legendary motorcycle is coming with unmatchable characteristics in all aspects. Although it is basically an off-road motorcycle, it comes with outstanding versatility. On one side you get perfect off-road capabilities but on the other, there are such amazing features like light weight, easy handling, excellent fuel economy etc. which make this bike amazing on the road too. When it comes to performances, this model comes with its well-known characteristics. It features powerful and efficient single-cylinder engine, and also comes with other amazing benefits such as strong construction, perfect riding position etc. Simply, 2017 Honda XR650L is perfect represent of company’s main characteristics, and those are excellent quality, durability and amazing performances.

2017 Honda XR650L design

2017 Honda XR650L front viewThe 2017 Honda XR650L is an extremely versatile bike, which comes with plenty of amazing benefits which are great both for any kind of terrain. First of all, this motorcycle comes with extremely strong construction, which provides unmatchable off-road characteristics. It comes with steel frame, which makes this bike capable to stand off-road intensity with ease. When it comes to suspension, it features extremely long travel on both ends. At the front, you will find 43mm air-adjustable axle Showa® cartridge fork with 16-position compression-damping adjustability, with 11.6 inches of travel. On the other end, you will find a Pro-Link® Showa single-shock with spring-preload, 20-position compression- and 20-position rebound-damping adjustability, with 11.0-inches travel.

2017 Honda XR650L side view2017 Honda XR650L features and benefits

There are plenty of amazing things about 2017 Honda XR650L and we will mention some of them. For example, 2017 Honda XR650L offers an excellent riding position. This provides not only great comfort, but also complete freedom of movement. It is also a passenger-ready motorcycle, which features comfortable seat for another passenger, and also plenty of power to carry two adult persons. Also, it is important that this bike features all street-legal features such as lighting, turn signals, license-plate light, mirrors, speedometer etc.

2017 Honda XR650L engine

The 2017 Honda XR650L features a well-known and proven powertrain. It is characterized by amazing durability and reliability, excellent efficiency and plenty of power. It is a 644cc air-cooled dry sum single-cylinder engine. This unit is configured to provide plenty of power in wide rpm range. It comes in pair with 5-speed transmission. Fuel economy is around 52 mpg, but this could vary a lot, depending on riding conditions.

2017 Honda XR650L 012017 Honda XR650L price

The 2017 Honda XR650L has starting price of 6.700 dollars. It features a one-year warranty, and you can extend it Honda Protection Plan, and comes in Red color.

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