2018 Honda Civic Si

Honda did last year Civic redesign. Now for the 2018 Honda Civic Si expects new design. For the best-selling Civic model does not lag behind Si which is present in the market for thirty years. With this model, the company has offered a balance between sports car performance and comfort. Precise information is still missing. Therefore we are left to eagerly await and speculate that this novelty ready for Civic Si.

2018 Honda Civic Si front view

2018 Honda Civic Si features

The 2018 Honda Civic Si coming redesigned. The model has been in production for thirty years, we can have only words of praise. Excellent performance and design of this sports car and hold on the throne. Honda’s new design language will be applied here. The new model will have a lot of features of the new Civic, which entered serial production. The sporty look of this vehicle will be enriched by details such as the sharp lines that contribute to aerodynamics, new bumpers and new wheel design … The interior will be especially comfortable complemented with details that emphasize the quality of driving. Design Civic Si model reminiscent of the racing cars. For fans of fast driving Honda ready for serial production end of 2017 or not later than the beginning of 2018.

2018 Honda Civic Si interior

2018 Honda Civic Si engine

Under the hood 2018 Honda Civic Si our surprise waiting. The existing 2.4-liter engine will replace the updated 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with an output of 250 hp. The previous model had a 2.4 liter engine with an output of 205 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque. Performance that we expect can give excellent results. However, it should justify the design of sports car, so do not expect anything less than a new performance which will give a new great results.

2018 Honda Civic Si rear view

2018 Honda Civic Si release date and price

Still no official announcement of the release of 2018 Honda Civic Si. It seems like to be a real chance to start selling this model was the end of 2017 if not later. As far as prices of some basic equipment package could flush the figure of $ 25,000. Finally it remains to be eagerly awaiting new information.

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