2018 Honda Clarity

According to the latest reports, Japanese manufacturer will release second version of its fuel cell car next year, as 2018 Honda Clarity. Original version of this car was in production between 2008 and 2014. As one of the leaders in car industry, especially when it comes to advanced technologies, Honda released pretty unconventional car, which will now come completely new. Japanese car maker will do a complete redesign and offer a car that features not only advanced powertrain, but many other great benefits. This will be a large family car, which will feature attractive styling, extremely comfortable cabin and plenty of luxury. The 2018 Honda Clarity should come somewhere in the second half of next year.

2018 Honda Clarity redesign

2018 Honda Clarity front viewAs we already mentioned, 2018 Honda Clarity will come completely redesigned. We will see a completely new model, and we expect significant improvement in all aspects, compared to original model. Better powertrain, longer range, more power etc. are not the only things where we expect improvements. New car will come with very attractive styling, which will follow design language of the brand, but also feature some of its own unique features. Inside, this large car will feature a spacious cabin, with high level of comfort. We will see plenty of space and also an intensive use of high-quality materials. Finally, there will be plenty of advanced technologies in all aspects. Pretty much all Honda’s hi-tech features in terms of safety, drive assist, entertainment etc. will be installed in 2018 Honda Clarity. Compared to conventional cars, this one could suffer a bit when it comes to trunk, but shouldn’t be drastic.

2018 Honda Clarity interior2018 Honda Clarity engine

The 2018 Honda Clarity will come with completely new version of its fuel cell powertrain. This advanced powertrain system will come with significant improvements in many aspects. Overall efficiency will be on much higher level. For example, original model had max output 134 horsepower and 189 pound-feet of torque. New model will come with much more power. It should be good for about 175 horses and 225 pound-feet of torque. Also, we expect much better range compared to original model, with over 350 miles, compared to original’s 230.

2018 Honda Clarity rear view2018 Honda Clarity release date

We expect that 2018 Honda Clarity will come somewhere in the second half of next year, but we still don’t know more precise launch date. When it is about price, company should announce it soon.

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