2018 Honda Prelude

Once upon a time, there was a model called Prelude. Pretty much all of us remember it as one of the most attractive sports coupes that this Japanese manufacturer ever made. Original model came in 1978, and it was the first model from this manufacturer with musically related name. Production finally ended in 2001. During all these years, we have seen five generations of it and all models were in close relation with Accord. After more than fifteen years of brake, we hear some rumors about its revival. According to these reports, new model will come as 2018 Honda Prelude. It will be a completely new coupe, which will come with plenty of unique characteristics. According to these rumors, we should expect its arrival somewhere next year.

2018 Honda Prelude design and features

2018 Honda Prelude front viewThe 2018 Honda Prelude will come after more than 15 years of brake, according to various reports. This will be a revival of legendary sports coupe, which was in production until 2001. After long brake, it will see the road again. While many experts believe that this model will come exclusively for Japanese market, others believe that it will come to North America too, and maybe even to Europe. However, exact details about new model are still unknown. So far, this model was in close relation with Accord, but we believe that things will be different this time. The 2018 Prelude will more likely come with Civic’s platform. Because at the time when this coupe was active Accord was compact in size, and we doubt the potential new coupe will be bigger. So, expect a compact sporty coupe, which will share most of its characteristics with new Civic.

2018 Honda Prelude side view2018 Honda Prelude engine

We still don’t known which exact engine new 2018 Honda Prelude could use, but there are two possibilities, according to our opinion. First option is new 1.5 liter turbo engine from Civic, which is good for about 175 horsepower and 165 pound-feet of torque. Other possible unit is 2.0 liter unit, which comes in various variants with different outputs. For this occasion, it should be good for about 250 horses, roughly.

2018 Honda Prelude release date

Despite the fact that some reports suggest that 2018 Honda Prelude could arrive next year with approximate price of 30.000 dollars, you should take this information with big reserve, since there is no official confirmation.

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