2019 Baby Acura NSX

The 2019 Baby Acura NSX is a part of Honda’s sport lineup for upcoming years. There are some other models like S2000 and Prelude, but the most attention was caused by 2019 Baby Acura NSX. Sport segment wasn’t so attractive for buyers recently with sedans and crossovers stealing the show. In Japanese company believe this is about to change so more money was bumped into development of this segment. Not only super sport division is boosted with new NSX but also its tiny cousin which is about to come in couple of years.

2019 Baby Acura NSX front view

2019 Baby Acura NSX engine

There is no much information about engine of the 2019 Baby Acura NSX. Not only engine but also transmission and drive system are unknown. On the other hand leaked information is saying that Baby NSX coming in hybrid variant. Experts believe that base petrol power source would be 2.0-l turbocharged four-cylinder unit. This mid-range engine is getting support from at least two electric motors, but there could be third one also. Turbocharged petrol can provide 330 horses and electric batteries should add around 70 more so total power can exceed 400 horses.

2019 Baby Acura NSX side view

2019 Baby Acura NSX design

New sport car is going to be made of lighter materials. More aluminum keeps strong and handling but boosts fuel economy. Massive vents seen on some sketches are showing aggressiveness of 2019 Baby Acura NSX. This vehicle might borrow some styling solutions from Honda S660, but it is going to be the most familiar to its base model Acura NSX. Mid-range roadster was rendered from some concept pictures and according to these sketches we can-t wait to see what new Baby NSX brings. Interior of the car is sporty and luxurious. However, it is not too aggressive like exterior. We still can’t figure out what could be installed in the cabin of new vehicle, but you can be sure all the latest and the most popular features are going to find a spot in the car.

2019 Baby Acura NSX interior

2019 Baby Acura NSX price and competition

Price is totally unknown and unpredictable for this vehicle. Few traces awe could follow are price of regular NSX, which is around $150,000, and price of its competition. The Alfa Romeo 4C and Porsche Cayman cost from around $50,000 so if 2019 Baby Acura NSX wants to be competitive company must make the price near this mark.

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