2019 Honda S2000

The 2019 Honda S2000 could be the latest addition to company’s lineup of sports cars. This model is already well-known in U.S. It was in production for about ten years, between 1999 and 2009. During this decade of production, we have seen two generations of it. However, history of these “S” series begins much earlier. In Japan, there were models like S500, S600, S800 etc. Nowadays, there is a completely new model in offer for Japanese market, S660. Latest news suggests that it won’t come to North America, but there is a chance to see similar model, which we call 2019 S2000. This model could come with the similar design characteristics but with bigger engine. On the other side, many believe that this will be a completely new model.

2019 Honda S2000 design and features

2019 Honda S2000 front view

The 2019 Honda S2000 should be a new sports car for North American market, which could come already next year. Many believe that this new model will share most of its design characteristics with new S660, which came exclusively for Japanese market. New model for North America should come with similar design, especially in visual aspect, where it should come in same design language. On the other side, we will see bigger and more powerful engine, and maybe some additional mechanical tweaks. There are also many who believe that 2019 Honda S2000 will be completely new model, different from this Japanese version. According to them, new model will be based on Acura Precision Concept, which is quite bigger and features completely new, unusual styling. In both cases, new model should be very light, around 2900 pounds.

2019 Honda S2000 rear view

2019 Honda S2000 engine

As we already mentioned, there are two possibilities for 2019 Honda S2000. In both cases, it should come with same engine. It is a company’s new 2.0 liter turbo engine, which currently powers new Civic Type R. This engine is good for about 310 horses, but we believe that it will be slightly de-tuned for this occasion. Since this will be small and light car, expect output around 250 horses. When it comes to transmission, we expect both 6-speed manual and CVT in offer.

2019 Honda S2000

2019 Honda S2000 release date

We still don’t know when 2019 Honda S2000 will exactly come, but many believe that arrival could be already in second half of next year.

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