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2018 Honda Civic Tourer

One of the new additions to the company’s lineup will be 2018 Honda Civic Tourer, which will come based on new, tenth generation, with all new features that came last year. Station

2019 Honda S2000

The 2019 Honda S2000 could be the latest addition to company’s lineup of sports cars. This model is already well-known in U.S. It was in production for about ten years, between 1999

2019 Honda Jazz

Japanese manufacturer prepares next generation of this small city car, and latest reports suggest that it could come already next year, as 2019 Honda Jazz. This small car is in production for

2019 Honda Fit

According to the latest reports, Japanese manufacturer is going to introduce a next generation of this small city car in about year or two, probably as 2019 Honda Fit. This will be

2018 Honda Prelude

Once upon a time, there was a model called Prelude. Pretty much all of us remember it as one of the most attractive sports coupes that this Japanese manufacturer ever made. Original

2018 Honda Amaze

After recent update, it is pretty much for sure that 2018 Honda Amaze will come without bigger changes. This small sedan should continue in a pretty much same way as 2017 year

2018 Honda Vezel

The 2018 Honda Vezel could come with some updates, according to latest reports. As you probably know, this is a model that is pretty much the same in all aspects as HR-V.

2017 Honda StepWGN

After last-year redesign, 2017 Honda StepWGN should continue in the pretty much same way. As you probably know, this is a mid-size MPV, which is present for over two decades. Original model

2017 Honda Fit Shuttle

Japanese manufacturer continues with its newest version of this popular station wagon. It is a second-generation model that came few years ago with plenty of changes. This model is now in second

2018 Honda Brio

The 2018 Honda Brio should continue in the pretty much same way as current model. It is one of the best-selling models in developing markets, which company offers primarily in India and