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2017 Honda Legend

The 2017 Honda Legend comes refreshed. For the redesign is still too early since this is mid-cycle for this model. Improved performance and a great similarity with Acura RLX is what we

2018 Honda Civic Si

Honda did last year Civic redesign. Now for the 2018 Honda Civic Si expects new design. For the best-selling Civic model does not lag behind Si which is present in the market

2017 Honda B Model

Finally one novelty comes from Honda’s workshop, specially made for the Asian market. This is a 2017 Honda B  Model, for which there is still no precise information whether there will be

2016 Honda CRF150R

Modern bike made for competition on the MX tracks is illustrated  in 2016 Honda CRF150R. This is top of the class model, with performance and quality, but also price. What makes it

2018 Honda Civic Type R

Finally from 2018 Honda Civic Type R expected only refreshment. In the previous model, we have seen a redesign. In order to maintain a leading position in its category refreshments will be

2017 Honda S660

The prototype of this vehicle is shown at the Motor Show in Tokyo, where the extremely well accepted by the public and professionals. Production 2017 Honda S660 is expected very soon, maybe

2018 Honda Baby NSX

Finally the great return model NSX announcing another sports model from Honda’s workshop. This is a 2018 Honda Baby NSX. This superstar should experience its debut sometime in 2018. There is no

2017 Honda S1000

The 2017 Honda S1000 arrives this year as a high-performance sports car. Honda will first introduce this car to market of North America but it is not surprising if it appears, on

2018 Honda CR-Z

The 2018 Honda CR-Z is a compact hybrid electric car. Since 2010, this model has a sporty design. Finally upcoming model brings a complete redesign of the vehicle. Due to poor sales

2017 Honda Insight

This model is the first hybrid vehicle that appeared on the American market. But the Premiere did not go well because of defects such as automatic transmission. The original Insight was a